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Join Tarpon Bay Explorers for a guided kayak or canoe tour and experience the J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge like never before.

Tarpon Bay Explorers

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Tarpon Bay Explorers
900 Tarpon Bay Road
Sanibel Island, FL  33957
Open 7 Days A Week At 8am

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Guided Kayak or Canoe Tours

“Tarpon Bay is one of the top ten places to paddle in the nation!”  -Canoe & Kayak Magazine

Kayak Trail Tour - $30 adult, $20 child
A great introduction to Tarpon Bay and the coastal environment.  Kayak with a naturalist through the mangrove forest along the Commodore Creek water trail.  Learn about the rich back-bay ecosystem and the wildlife that lives there.  You’ll be surrounded by red mangroves, wading birds, and unsurpassed peace and quiet.  All ages and skill levels welcome.  (~1 ½  hours)

Sunset Rookery Paddle - $40 adult, $25 child
A bird watchers dream!  Get ready for a truly unique tour experience.  Join us as the sun goes down on a kayak paddle to the Rookery Islands.  Be there as hundreds of birds—egrets, herons, ibis, cormorants, and pelicans—come in to roost for the night.  Witness the sunset that Sanibel is famous for. Must be experienced kayaker. (~ 2 hours)  


The mangrove community plays an important role in tropical and subtropical regions of the world.  In south Florida, three different mangrove species protect and stabilize low-lying coastal lands and provide protection and food for the animals that live in the estuary.  Mangroves serve as feeding, breeding, and nursery grounds for a variety of fish, shellfish, birds, and other wildlife.  An estimated 75% of the game fish and 90% of the commercial fish species in south Florida depend on the mangrove system! Waterfront development has strongly affected the habitat of mangrove communities. Removal of these trees and the destruction of mangrove wetland habitats endanger the natural systems of Florida’s coastal areas.

Tarpon Bay Explorers is the licensed concessionaire of the J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge, providing low impact recreational and educational opportunities to the public under contract with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.